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I'm your photographer if you: love without fear, are endlessly adventurous and live in the moment. 

I want to hear about how awesome your family, future life partner, pets, grandparents, kids are and document your family in the most beautiful spots across the province! 

A little about me: I love, love. I am often asked why I am a photographer, and that's because I love seeing how love manifests itself differently in each family/couple/friends that I get the honour to photograph. 

I fell in love with capturing moments in my high school photography course.  Although some of the technology has changed, no longer developing my own film in a darkroom - the process is still the same.  It is so much more than a point and shoot: it's anticipating, documenting and constantly being aware.  Photography is truly the meaning of being in the moment. 

I live in Toronto and I live in the most beautiful neighbourhood, the beach (beaches...there is always a debate).  I have a wonderful partner- Josh and two amazingly active and adventurous kiddos, Elijah and Chloe.


Not only are my kids pretty adventurous- I am too! I love a simple adventure, like touring a new city to a more extreme activity like surfing in Brazil with locals who don't speak English... thankfully everything turned out ok!  In my adventures I have had a chance to help build school houses in the Andes in Ecuador, watch my sister get married in Argentina, run through the wall at King's Cross station in England and many more. . . and many more hopefully to come! On my list is Greece, Australia and Japan. 

OH! and if you are a Disney fan- I love everything Disney.  We go a lot as a family, and absolutely savour the time we have their with the kids.  Favorite theme park food would 100% be the mickey pretzel. 

Let's chat some more- I would love to know about you!