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Caitlin + Johnny's Unique Rustic Wedding Venue: The Carver's Cottage, Pickering Ontario

I remember the first phone call I had with Caitlin and Johnny- they were so incredibly sweet, from their love story meeting at summer camp and to their absolute love for each other. I love when you can just feel how much the couple loves each other- and this was truly it. What was also awesome was their love for their dog- Max- who was also a grooms-dog.

This year was also super in the fact, I feel like I photographed SO MANY WEDDINGS in the rain. Supposed to be super lucky, right? The things I love most about rainy weddings- the colours absolutely pop. Which means that you get these intense greens, that make the photo come alive.

Thank you Caitlin and Johnny for being so awesome.

Happy trails.

xoxo Renee

This wedding was at The Carver's Cottage in Pickering, Ontario


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